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I have fallen in love with the ability to capture that simple smile, frown, or special moment in time with a photograph that brings everlasting memories to our minds. I truly enjoy helping my clients capture those moments in a simple but elegant

I started my business 9 years ago and photographed weddings at first. That was a wonderful time, but my heart was with Newborns and Children. So I started to specialize 3 years ago in Birth, Maternity & Newborns. This change has brought so much joy and meaning to my life. To be able to capture such AMAZING moments in my clients lives, That fade away so fast. Was truly a blessing to me.

I am originally from southern California. (Northern Indiana became my home about eight years ago, and I have to admit it was an adjustment for me.) I am a wife and a mother of two active boys. I love sunglasses, flip flops, simplicity, family, and fun.